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Online Electronics provide an extensive range of pig locating, pig signalling and pipeline data logging and testing equipment to suit a number of applications onshore, offshore and subsea.

With several technologies and alternatives available it can be difficult to select the most suitable option for the job at hand.

When carrying out pig locating or tracking operations, Acoustic Pingers can be used in subsea, unburied liquid lines whereas for gas, buried pipelines or pipeline bundles, Electromagnetic Transmitters would be the appropriate option.

For pig signalling operations where the pig is carrying magnets, magnetic signaller options are available for onshore, offshore and subsea application and can be used on pipelines of any size and carrying any medium. If the pig is not carrying magnets or transmitters, ultrasonic signaller options are available for both liquid and gas pipelines.

The efficiency of pipeline pre-commissioning activities can be enhanced with Online's data logging and testing products. These products allow the user to confirm a successful pipeline gauging run without the need to recover the pig before the hydrotest as well as receive data on pressure and temperature during the hydrotest itself. Following the pipeline drying phase, successful pipeline conditioning can be confirmed with supporting data and samples.

The Interactive User Guide will help you determine the most suitable technologies and equipment for your specific operation, taking into consideration the above environments and applications. Still unsure? Please visit the contact page and get in touch.