Solid Cast Polyurethane Pigs

Rugged yet lightweight & functional pipeline pigs

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Solid cast polyurethane pigs offer the same flexibility of foam pigs coupled with the rugged performance normally associated with mandrel pigs and are ideal for batching products over shorter distances.

Solid cast pigs are lightweight and are available in sizes from 2” to 12”. They are easy to launch and clean and are capable of negotiating 1D bends and accommodating pipeline restrictions of up to 20%.



  • Tracking Device Housing – All of our pipeline pigs can be designed to house an Online Electronics tracking device such as an acoustic pinger or electromagnetic transmitter. This enables quick and accurate tracking and locating of a stalled pig, resulting in significant savings in time and therefore cost.
  • Magnets – Magnetic pigs can be used to remove ferrous debris from the inside of the pipeline or to operate magnetic non-intrusive signallers such as Online’s range of onshore, topside and subsea magnetic signallers.