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EMTX50 Series

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EMTX50 Series Datasheet

The EMTx50 transmitter is an electromagnetic transmitter that can be used for pig tracking and locating functions.

The transmitters operate effectively in every type of pipeline, i.e topside, buried, gas or liquid and in pipeline bundles where acoustic transmitters are either less effective or ineffective.

EMTx50 Series

  • Designed for pipeline diameters of around 16" an above.
  • Exact location of the transmitter can be determined to within a few cm by detecting the inherent EM null spot of the transmitter.
  • Several activation methods designed to conserve battery life when deployed in advance of pigging operations.
  • Bluetooth connection and Online Configuration App allows transmitter parameters such as pulse rate, pulse width and power output to be modified by the user providing flexibility to manage signal strength and battery requirements.


Model No. EMTx50 Series
Use in pipeline diameter >406mm (16")
Standard Battery Type Alkaline D Cell Pack
Battery life at +5°C in air (0.4sec ON/2.6sec OFF) 90 days
Temperature Range -20°C to +50°C
External Pressure Rating 500bar (7251Psi)
Dimensions & Weight  
Length 548mm (21.6")
Diameter 132.4mm (5.2")
Weight (including batteries) 25kg (55.1lbs)