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Self Contained ROV Held

Quickly and accurately detect pigs fitted with Online acoustic pingers

Online's range of acoustic receiver systems, when used in conjunction with an acoustic pinger, provide a reliable means of tracking and locating a stuck pig in a subsea, liquid filled pipeline, resulting in substantial cost savings.

The range of receivers also allow for detection of a signal from subsea warning beacons or alarm pingers.

The diverse range includes ROV and diver held solutions to suit various applications.

The receivers can be tuned to a wide range of frequencies, making them compatible with most other manufacturer's equipment

Self Contained ROV Held Receiver

  • The 2405 receiver is a stand-alone, battery powered system that can be used by an ROV to locate subsea acoustic pingers.
  • Directional hydophone provides increased precision
  • Acoustic Signals are displayed as they are received - high brightness OLED display and LEDs that can be seen clearly by an ROV.
  • The 2405 does not need to be interfaced with an additional piece of equipment other than an ROV camera making it, in relative terms, a straightforward method of receiving.
  • Frequency controls can be manipulated subsea by ROV switch giving the operator full control without returning the unit to the surface


Model No. Self Contained ROV Held Receiver
Frequency Range 8kHz to 50kHz
Battery Life 130 hours
Battery Type Custom 10.5V Alkaline pack
Operating Temperature Range -2°C to +35°C (+28°F to +95°F)
Height 395mm (15.5")
Length 450mm (17.7")
Width 315mm (12.4")
Weight (in air) 28kg (61.7lbs)