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Modular ROV

Quickly and accurately detect pigs fitted with Online acoustic pingers

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Modular ROV Datasheet Modular ROV Manual

Online's range of acoustic receiver systems, when used in conjunction with an acoustic pinger, provide a reliable means of tracking and locating a stuck pig in a subsea, liquid filled pipeline, resulting in substantial cost savings.

The range of receivers also allow for detection of a signal from subsea warning beacons or alarm pingers.

The diverse range includes ROV and diver held solutions to suit various applications.

The receivers can be tuned to a wide range of frequencies, making them compatible with most other manufacturer's equipment.

Modular ROV Receiver

  • Online's modular ROV receiver system provides an accurate method of locating and tracking a pig fitted with an acoustic pinger.
  • Directional hydophone provides increased precision
  • The received signal can be relayed back to the surface via RS232 allowing it to be interpreted topside.
  • Parameters such as sensitivity and frequency can be manipulated topside, giving the operator full control without returning equipment to the surface
  • The system comprises - 2001RS Topside Receiver, 2401 Subsea ROV directional Hydrophone & 2402RS Subsea Interface
  • The 2401 can be mounted on the skid or held in the manipulator of the ROV with the 2402RS mounted on the skid.


Model No. Modular ROV Receiver
Frequency Range 8kHz to 50kHz
Battery Life 150 hours continuous
Battery Type 12 VDC (8x Alkaline D CELLS)
Operating Temperature Range -2°C to +50°C (+28°F to +122°F)
Height 178mm (7")
Width 268mm (10.5")
Depth 241mm (9.5")
Weight 4.4kg (9.7lbs)
Operating Depth 3,000m (9,842m)
Operating Temperature Range -2°C to +50°C (+28°F to +122°F)
Height 78mm (3")
Width 148mm (5.8")
Depth 86mm (3.4")
Weight (in water) 1kg (2.2lbs)
Operating Depth 3,000m (9,842m)
Operating Temperature Range -2°C to +50°C (+28°F to +122°F)
Length 300mm (11.8")
Diameter 155mm (6.1")
Weight in air 6.8kg (15lbs)
Weight in water 1.1kg (2.4lbs)