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Pig Tracking & Locating

Enhance your confidence in pig location with our pig tracking and locating systems.

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There are two types of Pig Tracking and Locating technology - Acoustic and Electromagnetic.  The individual application and pipeline specification will determine which is most suitable. 

Acoustic pingers and receiver systems are suitable for subsea, liquid filled pipelines and allow for quick and accurate locating from long distances.

Online’s range of Electromagnetic (EM) transmitters and receivers can precisely locate and track pigs, eliminating time and costs associated with locating a stalled pig.  This advanced EM system is very versatile and can be used onshore, topside, or subsea with pipelines carrying liquid or gas and in trenched and pipe-in-pipe lines. 

The EM transmitter and receiver range also includes options certified for use in Zone 1 locations, allowing you to carry out your operations safely and conveniently whilst complying with governing body regulations.

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