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4000SD Subsea Pig Signaller

Confirm successful launch and receipt of magnetic pipeline pigs

Online's range of compact magnetic signallers detect magnetic pigs in any pipeline medium, removing any uncertainty over pig passage allowing operations to continue on schedule. Minimal set up is required ensuring that time is not wasted setting up various parameters.

Events are signalled as they occur via a graphical display and high brightness LEDs positioned around the perimeter of the display. The unit logs the time and date of up to 99 events. Logged events can be viewed locally on the display and reviewed at a later date.

4000SD Subsea

  • Compact, self contained, non-intrusive, magnetic pig signaller suitable for harsh subsea applications
  • Quick and easy installation using ratchet straps or custom ROV cradle
  • Versatile – can be installed on any pipeline with wall thickness up to 40mm, carrying any medium and with pigs running at varying speeds
  • Acoustic link option allows vessel to “listen” for pig receipt from launch site meaning an ROV does not need to be positioned at the receiver
  • Rated to 3000m making it suitable for deep water applications
  • Push button or ROV switch can be used to alter parameters subsea without recovering the unit to the surface
  • Optional strobe allows an ROV operating at launcher valves to confirm pigs have launched successfully


Model No. 4000SD Subsea
4000SD Subsea  
Battery Life in standard mode (Signalling) 30 days
Battery Life in standard mode (Listening) 36 days
Battery Life in low power mode 110 days
Battery Type 10.5V Custom Alkaline pack
Operating Temperature Range -5°C to +70°C (+23°F to +158°F)
Operating Depth 3000m (9,842ft)
Weight in air (including delrin mount) 14.1kg (31lbs)
Weight in water (including delrin mount) 9.1kg (20lkbs)