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Magnetic Pig Signallers

Easy Setup, Reliable Performance

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User Guide

Online's magnetic pig signallers are designed for easy setup and installation.  They are engineered to confirm passage of pigs carrying magnets, typically at launch and receipt, in onshore, topside and subsea pipelines.

How It Works

Magnetic pig signallers operate on the principle of detecting changes in the magnetic field.  This guarantees a reliable and accurate indication of pig passage, making it an ideal solution for a wide range of applications. 

Installation Made Easy

Each model is designed with user convenience in mind.  The installation process is straightforward, ensuring that you can set up the signallers quickly and efficiently.   

Remote Communication

In addition to local confirmation of pig passage via display, Online's magnetic pig signallers provide remote communication options. 

  • Bluetooth App: view real-time pig passages directly on your phone or tablet meaning you never miss an update. 
  • Control Room Communication: Seamlessly integrate with control room systems for real-time monitoring and data management. 
  • Subsea Applications: For subsea operations, our signallers offer communication through acoustic pinger or strobe signals.