Audioscope Software

Expedites pig locating and tracking process by providing a visual representation of received signal

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The Audioscope software, supplied on a laptop, displays the waveform of signals received by Online Acoustic & Electromagnetic receivers.



  • Provides a comprehensible visual depiction of the acoustic or electromagnetic signals received
  • Particularly advantageous when signal consists of a coded transmission for example when utilising Online GRID® system
  • Snapshot function allowing easy integration into any Technical report.

Model No. Audioscope
Live, 15 second buffered, display allowing visual interpretation of received audio signals
Slide bar Y-scale adjustment
Instantaneous Pause/Play function allowing the received signal to be paused at any point for interpretation
Screenshot function including time stamp providing a traceable history and proof of received signals
Automatic decoding function for reception of data from standard Online acoustic data transmitters