Topside & hydrophone

Quickly and accurately detect pigs fitted with Online acoustic pingers

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Online's range of acoustic receiver systems, when used in conjunction with an acoustic pinger, provide a reliable means of tracking and locating a stuck pig in a subsea, liquid filled pipeline, resulting in substantial cost savings. The range of receivers also allow for detection of a signal from subsea warning beacons or alarm pingers.

The diverse range includes ROV and diver held solutions to suit various applications.

The receivers can be tuned to a wide range of frequencies, making them compatible with most other manufacturer's equipment.

Topside & Standard Hydrophone


  • The 2001RS is a portable, battery powered acoustic pinger receiver used in conjunction with a standard omnidirectional Hydrophone
  • Provides a cost effective way of receiving the signal from warning beacons or alarm pingers.
  • Simple and quick deployment from topside - no ROV or diver required
  • Rugged and splash proof design
  • Includes built in loud speaker, headphone audio outputs, an easy to interpret signal meter and simple frequency and sensitivity controls

Model No. Topside & Standard Hydrophone
Frequency Range 8kHz to 50kHz
Battery Life 150 hours continuous
Battery Type 12 VDC (8x Alkaline D CELLS)
Operating Temperature Range -2°C to +50°C (+28°F to +122°F)
Height 178mm (7")
Width 268mm (10.5")
Depth 241mm (9.5")
Weight 4.4kg (9.7lbs)
Connector Type BNC
Operating depth 200m (656 ft)/20bar (290Psi)