Acoustic Pig Locating

Online’s systems are the industry standard for pig locating in subsea liquid pipelines.

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Our acoustic pinger and receiver systems enable quick and accurate pig locating from either a support vessel or platform resulting in significant savings in vessel, equipment and personnel costs.

Acoustic Pingers

Series of acoustic pingers developed for use pig locators and for other subsea marking and locating functions. Our acoustic pingers come in various sizes with stainless steel bodies and are capable of sending acoustic transmissions up to 2 kilometres.

600 Series Acoustic Pingers 800 Series Acoustic Pingers 1200 Series Acoustic Pingers

Pinger Receiver Systems

Acoustic receiver systems allowing for quick and accurate tracking and locating of pigs fitted with subsea acoustic pingers. The location of a stuck pig can be identified using diver and ROV held hydrophone solutions including the option to relay the received acoustic signal to the surface via the ROV's umbilical.

Topside & hydrophone Modular ROV Self Contained ROV Held Diver Held Audioscope Software