Non-Intrusive Pig Signallers

Confirm successful pig passage while removing the risk of interrupted production

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Online's range of non-intrusive pig signallers accurately detect, signal and log the passage of pipeline pigs at critical points along pipelines onshore, offshore and subsea. All topside signallers are ATEX certified allowing for installation in hazardous Zone 1 areas such as on platforms and in refineries. All signallers provide a local indication of a pig passage via a graphical display and high brightness LEDS as well as a downloadable event log of up to 100 passages.

Unlike intrusive pig signallers, non-intrusive pig signallers can be installed quickly and easily to the pipeline. They can also be removed without difficulty if maintenance is required, eliminating the need to suspend production and avoiding significant costs as a result.

Magnetic Pig Signallers

Online's magnetic pig signallers confirm passage of pigs carrying magnets, typically at launch and receipt, in onshore, topside and subsea pipelines.

4001D MAGSIG® Pig Signaller 4000SD Subsea Pig Signaller 4003 MAGSIG® UL CSA Certified Pig Signaller

Ultrasonic Pig Signallers

Online's range of ultrasonic pig signallers confirm passage of pigs without the need for magnets or transmitters. In addition, in liquid pipelines, the exact location of any pig can be established, allowing for verification that the pig has cleared all valves and can be recovered.

ID5000A™ Topside Pig Signaller ID5002P Exia Topside Pig Signaller ID5001P Topside Pig Signaller