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Voltage Gradient Probe

Diver safety tool providing assurance to divers working in close proximity to subsea electrical equipment

The Voltage Gradient Probe (VGP) is a robust, hand held, subsea unit that provides added diver safety and diving assurance in accordance with IMCA 45 standard D045, R 015. 

Voltage Gradient Probe

  • Designed to give an easy to interpret indication of AC voltage gradients in sea water. 
  • Indication of presence and magnitude of the AC electric field using a series of 6x LEDs which illuminate progressively at clearly defined trigger voltages.
  • The VGP comes with a dedicated Testbox which allows functionality to be tested prior to deployment by following a quick, simple and intuitive procedure.
  • A dedicated Battery Status LED provides a clear indication of the battery status and provides confirmation that the unit is functioning.
  • Developed with reference to IMCA standard D 045, R 015. - Code of Practice for the Safe Use of Electricity Underwater


Model No. Voltage Gradient Probe
Measurement frequency range 50Hz to 500Hz
Probe Battery Life typically 10 days
Probe Battery Type 3x Standard 1.5V 'AA' Alkaline cells
Testbox Battery Type 1x Standard 9V ‘PP3’ Alkaline cell
Probe operating temperature range -5°C to +50°C (+23°F to +122°F)
Operating Depth 300m (984ft)
Length 392mm (15.4")
Diameter 49mm (1.9")
Weight in air 2.2kg (4.9lbs)