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Pressure & Temperature Subsea Data Logger (6000SD)

Log temperature and pressure during pipeline hydrotest without the need for a vessel on-site

The 6000SD Subsea Data Logger can be deployed during the hydrostatic test of a subsea pipeline to monitor, display and record pressure and temperature data at set intervals. The display on the subsea data logger can be monitored for any changes by an ROV or diver or changes can be communicated remotely. Once the test is complete, the log can be downloaded and presented to the client as supporting evidence of the result of the hydrotest.

Features of the 6000SD Pressure & Temperature Subsea Data Logger

  • Enables ROV, vessel or diver to perform associated tasks in parallel resulting in accelerated completion of work and potential cost savings and project flexibility. 
  • A successful test can be confirmed without needing to recover the unit for download of data. 
  • Can be interfaced with an acoustic pinger, data transducer or strobe enabling remote monitoring or indication when a particular pressure, temperature or time threshold is reached. 
  • Unit and interface components can be mounted in an easy to deploy cradle. 
  • Compact, self-contained unit with minimal connections and cabling resulting in easy installation and reduced risk to the operation. 
  • Capable of displaying and logging 2x pressure and temperature for approximately 100 days, complete with time and date. 
  • All subsea data logger functions can be carried out using a single control button and intuitive menu system. 


Model No. 6000SD Subsea Data Logger
6000SD Subsea Data Logger  
Battery Life in standard mode 21 days
Battery Life in low power mode 105 days
Battery Type 12V Alkaline pack
Operating Temperature Range -5°C to +65°C (+23°F to +149°F)
Operating Depth 3000m (9842ft)
Standard pressure range 100-2000barg (10,152Psi) (based on project requirements)
Standard pressure sensor accuracy ±0.05% FS (0.001 bar resolution)
Temperature sensor accuracy ±0.5°C (0.01°C resolution)
Weight in air (including delrin mount) 14.1kg (31lbs)
Weight in water (including delrin mount) 9.1kg (20lbs)