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6000SD logger 1

The 6000SD Subsea Pressure/Temperature logger has been a work horse in the subsea industry for monitoring & logging hydrotest results for many years.

Many features make this the perfect instrument for testing applications whether for purchase or hire.

  • Easy one button programming
  • Easy to Read Yellow on Black OLED Display
  • Self-Contained Power source
  • User configured sample rate
  • ROV Switch and Cradle offered as Options
  • 3000M [ approx. 10,000 ft] depth capable
  • Easy download of stored data via USB
  • Easy real-time reading of live data via ROV cable connection or visual
  • Stated Standard accuracies of +/- 0.05% Full Scale for Pressure [with 0.001 bar (0.0145 psi) resolution] and [+/- 0.5 ⁰C (1.06⁰F)]
  • Third Party certifications of the pressure/temperature sensor

While we’ve always offered 700 bar (9,800 psi) as standard with an upgrade to 1,000 bar (14,500 psi) as an option, this became readily apparent it wasn’t going to be satisfactory in deeper water environments like the US Gulf of Mexico due to thicker pipe walls, higher operating pressure requirements and higher depth compensation in the test pressure calculation. We also added in programming to allow for PSI readings and Fahrenheit temperature readings as required.

A typical example in the Gulf of Mexico was an application for testing on a line at 2,500M [8200 ft] depth. While test pressure required at the surface as approximately 1000 bar [14,500 psi] plus test factor safety margin resulted in required test pressure of 1,145 bar [16,602 psi] plus depth compensation of 250 bar [3,625 psi] the test pressure required at the bottom 1,395 bar [20,227 psi].

We were able to upgrade the pressure/temperature sensor options quickly to allow for 1,400 bar calibrations as well with sensors rated to 1,500 bar pressure. We can incorporate even higher calibrations and different sensors if required to handle your needs.

We have several successful applications of the new capability and look forward to handling many more.

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