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Online Electronics have entered into an exciting partnership with Robert Gordon University (RGU) as part of its Graduate Apprenticeship scheme. This comes after the acceptance of Online employee Julie Milne by RGU onto the programme allowing her to undertake an Honours degree in Accounting over four years, becoming a full professional member of a world leading accountancy body after five years.

This primarily work-based course is wholly funded by Skills Development Scotland and enables participants to earn their degree and develop the skills needed by employers while being able to apply these skills directly in the workplace.

Online’s Finance Director John Walsh who will work alongside Julie in the accredited role of mentor commented: “Competition was exceptionally keen for these highly-valued places - it is a huge testament to Julie that she has secured a place on this prestigious initiative by Robert Gordon University in conjunction with Skills Development Scotland.

“This collaboration exhibits our firm commitment to equal opportunities for all alongside the development of strong professionals and next generation leaders within Online Group and the broader IK Group family.

“There are very exciting opportunities and avenues ahead for Online to now become successful partners with RGU including Julie's ongoing career progression, placements, collaboration on innovation and further graduate apprenticeships. Managing Director, Andy Marwood and I are both fully committed to this."

Online’s connection with RGU and the Graduate Apprenticeship scheme demonstrates their focus on employee development, progression and equal opportunities for all employees.

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