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Online Electronics’ MEG ARTs® system has completed another successful deployment offshore Angola. Our customer was able to confirm the conditioning of a Gas Export system located 150km offshore with water depths exceeding 1500m. The dewatering train consisted of two batches of three pigs, four Monoethylene Glyvol (MEG) batches and two Nitrogen batches.

Online’s scope of work was to log and display the pipeline fluid density, temperature and pressure and to capture samples with a combination of automatic and manual samples taken. Automatic sampling eliminates the need for the ROV and vessel to be at the receipt location with manual sampling providing a contingency.

Live readings of the pipeline fluid density, temperature and pressure were displayed on the controller and readable by ROV. This data was logged for later analysis.

Online also provided 4000SD subsea pig signallers to indicate when each of the six pigs in the dewatering train had been received and to provide guidance on the triggering of manual samples.

Six viable samples were taken, and the purity levels calculated. This analysis confirmed the customer had achieved the project specified level of purity and validated acceptable conditioning of the line, preventing any delays and additional costs

The whole process was further accelerated by Online’s ability to provide 24-hour support. An experienced technician was on board to assist with pre-deployment checks and to analyse the data and captured samples, with a preliminary report being issued only a few hours after the samples were unloaded after recovery from the seabed.

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