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4003 Magnetic signaller 1 v9

We are delighted to end 2023 on a high note with the confirmation of an order for 78 x 4003 magnetic pig signallers.  These signallers are being provided as part of our customer's supply for various key offshore contracts in the Middle East. 

This project win is particularly noteworthy as we were able to change the specified signalling method from intrusive to non-intrusive.  Our MENA Regional Manager Kristina Oshin commented "For this project, the original specification was written around intrusive technology with the preferred signaller being very expensive and subject to a lengthy lead time.  We were able to explain the benefits of adopting a non-intrusive approach to the end user including increased reliability and being a more economically sustainable product."

As we wrap up the fourth quarter of the year, we celebrate a highly successful period for the company marked by an influx of high-value orders, positioning us well for a busy and promising start to 2024. 

Click here to read further about the benefits of non-intrusive pig signallers. 

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