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Online Electronics has launched it’s latest Non-Intrusive Pig Signaller, the 4003D. The 4003D is a UL/CSA Class Division 1 certified non-intrusive signaller for use on onshore pipelines in addition to offshore platforms and FPSO’s.

The 4003D has approval for Canadian and UL hazardous area specifications.

There are no location restrictions with the 4003D and it can be located on major barrel and magnet sensors on a cable up to 10m long for use with buried pipelines or where access is limited.

The 4003 offers relay and 4-20mA analog 1 way signal communication as well as Modbus 485 signal and programming communication with Data Control centers. Local Programming can be accomplished with push button or Bluetooth interface.

For further details on the 4003D, please visit our product page.

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