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IK AOGV   24in class 300 795 380 c1

Our parent company, IK Norway, recently successfully completed the first field operation of AOGV™ on a class 300, 24” flange on Eni’s Goliat platform. Prior to offshore operation the tool was tested at IK Norway’s workshop and safety reviews were performed.

The AOGV™ has enabled safe isolation and segregation of the process system and reduces the volume for cleaning, thereby saving volume of cleaning fluids used, time and cost.

Oil platforms and refineries and chemical processing plants are characterised by long lengths of connecting pipework and vessels containing large volumes. The contents are often hazardous substances, which may be flammable or toxic and are often at high temperatures or pressures. Any intrusive activity could allow the escape of hazardous substances. The implementation of adequate isolation practices is critical to avoid loss of containment. 

The AOGV™ is a proprietary technology which can be installed at strategic locations and significantly reduces the need for drainage, venting purging and flushing by segregating the process system and increasing plant up time.

ENI has demonstrated a willingness to support innovation and be first user of the AOGV™ thereby optimising overall maintenance and plant performance.

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