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Our 4003 non-intrusive magnetic pig signallers and Hidropig magnetic pigs were recently featured in a test held at the CTDUT - Centro de Tecnologia em Dutos, an event organised by our Brazilian partner 4Pipe-Hidropig.

It was a great opportunity for us to demonstrate our non-intrusive technology to over 25 personnel from some of the most prominent pipeline operators in Brazil.  The combination of our signallers and the Hidropog magnet equipped pig went off without a hitch. 

One of the clients even volunteered their Android phone to be used to demonstrate the user of our 4003 Bluetooth App that allows you to track pig passage at a distance.  

Thank you to all participants and to CTDUT for organising the event. 

 Click here for further information the 4003 pig signaller. 

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