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This is the first of 4 blogs to address one means of quick and easy steps to improve your ESG as well as improving your profits.  These straightforward and hopefully “to the point” blogs will address Environmental, Health and Safety, Cost of Ownership and Improved confidence and data for modern pipeline control.

Environmental Advantages

With all the current pressure to deal with demands to improve the perceived and actual environmental performance of the Oil and Gas industry companies are looking for long term and short term answers.  One of the easiest short term answers in Midstream is to modernize pipeline pig signalling by utilising one of the several methods of non-intrusive pig signalling (magnetic, ultrasonic or acoustic). 

Intrusive pig signallers, by definition, require pipe penetrations which provide potential GHG leak paths.  Intrusives again, by definition, provide possible product leak paths that can contaminate the immediate area and potentially water ways or ground tables.

Non-Intrusive Signallers, by definition, do not. 

Intrusive Pig Signallers require frequent removal for “target” maintenance exposing the line due to pig damage repairs or fouling maintenance and as before, Non-Intrusives do not.

It’s that simple.

Improve your environmental position by changing out your Intrusive Signallers to Non-Intrusive.

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