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In our latest Employee Spotlight interview, we catch up with one of our R&D summer placement students, Cameron Taylor.  As Cameron's placement with Online comes to an end, we took the opportunity to learn about his experiences and hear his reflections on his journey.

What has your role at Online involved and what have you worked on during your time with us?

My time at Online has been incredibly valuable, offering me fantastic hands-on experience.  This opportunity has enabled me to further my practical skills significantly, particularly in areas such as soldering.  Additionally, I've gained a deeper familiarity with testing PCBs and utilising various equipment that I don't typically have access to on a regular basis.  I have also been lucky enough to work on some exciting new product developments with various members of the R&D team. 

What have you enjoyed the most about your time at Online?

One of the most rewarding aspects of my experience has been the privilege of working with everyone that makes up the Online team.  In particular, the opportunity to work alongside professionals like Alan Webster (Special Projects Manager) has proven to be immensely beneficial.  This interaction has not only helped to expand my technical knowledge but has also provided valuable insights into the possibilities within my field.  Being a part of this dynamic team has allowed me to witness first-hand the contributions that professionals in my field can provide. 

How will this experience contribute to your future studies and career?

This exposure to real-world research and development projects has fortified my theoretical knowledge with practical application, helping the bridge the gap between classroom learning and industry.  As I move forward in my studies, I'll be able to draw from these experiences to enrich my understanding of electronics.  This hands-on engagement has granted me a greater insight into the challenges and opportunities within my field, enabling me to approach theoretical concepts with an improved practical perspective. 

We wish Cameron all the best with the remainder of his studies and what we are sure will be a promising career. 


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