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  • MEG ARTS® - Pipeline conditioning confirmed with supporting data & samples

    With MEG ARTS®, Online Electronics have addressed the challenge of cost-effectively and accurately confirming successful conditioning of gas pipelines during pre-commissioning in real time.

    The system measures the density of Mono-ethylene glycol or other chemicals in real time at the pipeline end termination for conformity with project specific requirements. Density, pressure and temperature data is displayed and logged for later analysis.

  • Pig Locating Simplified - Electromagnetic Receiver and Bluetooth Application

    Online's series of Electromagnetic Transmitters and easy to use Receivers and Applications allow for quick confirmation of a pig's location. This video demonstrates how this equipment facilitates the pig locating and tracking process from setup, to confirmation of signal in launcher, pig passage and finally, confirmation pig has been successfully received.

  • Pathfinder - A new direction in pipeline proving and profiling

    The Pathfinder Foam Caliper was designed for initial pipeline proving in lines with no pigging history and/or potential reductions in bore due to debris build up where an operator plans to initiate a pipeline pigging or ILI campaign. Typical applications for Pathfinder include pipeline proving, measuring pipeline geometry and internal bore, detecting and measuring dents, ovality, buckles and wrinkles. Pathfinder can also be used for debris mapping and assessment for pipeline cleaning as part of an operator's flow assurance management strategy.

  • Online Electronics Celebrating 25 Years

    In this video we look at the factors that have contributed to Online's success over the last 25 years.