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In late 2017, Online Electronics in collaboration with their sister company IK UK, provided pipeline pigs along with pig tracking and signalling equipment for the line fill operation on a 68km, 12” export pipeline at a major gas field in central Oman.

The project was approaching first gas and a quantity of associated condensate was anticipated to be produced.  The pipeline was filled with nitrogen at 2barg and considered commissioned having been through the usual construction, pre-commissioning & commissioning phases. 

The duration of the line fill operation was dependent on production of condensate associated with the gas and was therefore difficult to determine precisely.

The operation involved “leap frogging” the line in order to track the pig’s progress and confirming launch and receipt of the pigs.  A number of factors had to be considered when designing the pigs such as how to mitigate bypass, the capacity to mount a suitable electromagnetic transmitter and the inclusion of magnets to activate the Online 4001D non-intrusive signallers to be fitted at the launcher and receiver

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