OEL’s next generation Gauging Run Integrity Data (GRID®) system is used to detect internal defects in subsea pipelines. GRID® is designed to detect and log a defect in a pipeline during pre-commissioning gauging operations and transmit the data through the pipe wall to a monitoring receiver up to a range of 1km. The system can confirm the status of a gauging pig run, enabling pipeline operators to continue without pig recovery saving significant vessel time and associated costs. The option for an Automatic Resetting Gauging Fingers (ARGF) ring allows multiple defects to be detected and logged on a gauging run and the data downloaded by retrieving the pig at the end of its run. The system is operational with either a GRID® 803 or 1203 acoustic Pinger.

  • A simple pig fitted with a gauge plate, GRID® Pinger and/or ARGF ring is moved through a pipline
  • The GRID® Pinger is monitored from up to 1km range using an acoustic receiver and GRID® decoder.
  • Signals the time the defect was detected and using the pumping data an approximate position of the defect can be established.



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Typical battery life

803 GRID® Pinger - 20 to 50 days*

1203 GRID® Pinger - 60 to 150 days*

* Dependent on configuration

Activation method

Fluid, pressure or mechanical link


803 GRID® Pinger:

Length - 350mm (12.6")

Diameter - 73mm (2.9")

1203 GRID® Pinger:

Length - 417mm (17")

Diameter - 114mm (4.4")