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Online's 3008 series of 22Hz electromagnetic transmitters are fitted to pigs to allow locating and tracking in any onshore and offshore pipeline including buried pipelines, pipelines carrying gas or liquid and in pipeline bundles. The transmitters can be customised at build - for example the pulse rate can be altered to provide the desired battery life and to allow for differentiation within a pig train.

An inherent electromagnetic null spot is detectable using an electromagnetic antenna meaning that the operator can confirm the location of the transmitter with pinpoint accuracy. This greatly reduces vessel and operational downtime by facilitating the process of locating a stuck pig or confirming if a pig has left the launcher or been successfully received.

3008 Series


  • Designed for pipeline sizes of more than 6"
  • The transmitter can be adapted to become the pig body by fitting pig discs. This increases the signal considerably as it no longer needs to propagate through the pig body in addition to the pipeline wall
  • Battery life can be conserved with the addition of a pressure switch that activates the unit when the external pressure exceeds a specified threshold, allowing pigs to be loaded months in advance of the operation
  • Can be interfaced with an external piece of equipment such as an Online Smart Gauge Plate to confirm the integrity of any pipeline

Model No. 3008 Series
3008 Series
Use in pipeline diameter >152mm (6")
Battery Type 3x Alkaline C Cells (see datasheet for battery life)
Temperature Range -20°C to +54°C (-4°F to+129°F)
Max Operating Pressure 300bar (4,531 Psi)
Length 245mm (9.6")
Diameter 40mm (1.6")
Weight 1.3kg (2.9lbs)