Electromagnetic Receiver Systems

Quickly and precisely detect pigs fitted with Online electromagnetic transmitters

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Online's range of electromagnetic receiver systems, when used in conjunction with an electromagnetic transmitter, provide a means of tracking and locating a stuck pig with pinpoint accuracy in an onshore or offshore pipeline carrying any medium. This can lead to significant savings in operational time and costs. The system can also be used as a contingency method, in addition to a non-intrusive signaller, to confirm pig launch and receipt.

Hand held, ROV and diver held options are available to suit a wide range of operations.

Self-contained diver or ROV held receiver


  • Electromagnetic Signals are displayed as they are received - high brightness LEDs enables the display to be seen clearly by an ROV, eliminating the need to relay the signal to a support vessel
  • The 3012 does not need to be interfaced with an additional piece of equipment other than an ROV camera making it, in relative terms, a straightforward method of receiving.
  • Long antenna optimises signal reception and sensitivity as well as enabling the ROV pilot to navigate sections of pipeline that are difficult to reach
  • Custom handles and mounting arrangements are available to satisfy different operational requirements

Model No. Self-contained diver or ROV held receiver
Frequency 22Hz
Battery Life 30 days
Battery Type 10.5V Alkaline pack BATT-11210
Operating Depth 3000m (9,842ft)
Operating Temperature Range 0°C to +50°C (+32°F to +122°F)
Length 950mm (37.4")
Width (including optional handle) 320mm (12.6")
Height (including optional handle) 210mm (8.3")
Weight (in air) 13kg (28.7lbs)