Online Electronics Asia Pacific look to build relationships and develop sustainable business in Indonesia and Malaysia with recent Technical Workshops

Our Singapore based office recently organised and held technical workshops in Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur showcasing the products and services offered by Online Electronics and other parts of the IK

New market for Online’s MEG ARTS® system with first deployment in Australia

Online’s MEG ARTS® system has successfully completed its first deployment in Australia during the dewatering of a 65km pipeline in the eastern part of the Gippsland Basin, approximately 40km offshore

Online Electronics look to the future with new collaboration with RGU Graduate Apprenticeship scheme

Online Electronics have entered into an exciting partnership with Robert Gordon University (RGU) as part of its Graduate Apprenticeship scheme. This comes after the acceptance of Online employee Julie Milne

Online Electronics' partner Pipeline Innovations invited by CNOOC to Inspection Technology Conference in Beijing

Pipeline Innovations and Online's BD Manager David Cockfield were invited by CNOOC and their service partner Beijing DiChaun International Trade Company to present the Pathfinder foam geometry tool as part

MEG ARTS® system provides valuable data during dewatering of Gas Export System in Angola

Online Electronics’ MEG ARTs® system has completed another successful deployment offshore Angola. Our customer was able to confirm the conditioning of a Gas Export system located 150km offshore with water