About Us

Online Electronics Ltd (OEL) specialise in the design and manufacture of pipeline pig monitoring equipment and high-tech pipeline data communication systems. Our products incorporate acoustic, electromagnetic, magnetic, and ultrasonic technologies covering subsea and land applications with an innovative approach to: pig tracking & signalling, pressure/temperature data logging, gauge plate condition systems, automated pipeline discharge sampling, ATEX certified products, special pipeline communication solutions and subsea voltage gradient detection. In addition to our extensive product rage we also pride ourselves in our bespoke design projects. Our products, including ATEX compliant products, can be supplied or hired at short notice.

OEL formed in 1996 and was acquired by the IK-Group in 2015. Our head office is based in Aberdeen, UK, supported by our offices in Singapore, Online Electronics Asia Pacific Pte Ltd (OEAP); Online Pipeline Solutions Inc (OPS), Houston, USA; and branch offices in Dubai, UAE and Perth, Australia.

At OEL we focus on client requirements, ensuring our clients receive quality products and services. We pride ourselves in making our clients' operations more certain while still delivering considerable cost savings. Testimony of our success in relations with our customers is the world leading position we have established within our specialist sector resulting in our products and services being used all around the globe, to date we have exported to more than 70 countries.

All of our products and services are geared to making our clients operations more efficient, certain and safer. Our technical expertise is applied to a wide range of applications covering routine pipeline operations to major international pipeline projects. Passionate responsiveness to client needs, treating clients fairly, honesty about our products and services, acknowledging and dealing with challenges promptly and fully are some of the crucial traits which has gained us the loyalty of our clients over the years.

OEL’s clients include the following categories –

1. International oil & gas companies
2. Pipeline operators
3. Pipeline construction and installation companies
4. Pipeline pre-commissioning companies
5. Pipeline inspection and maintenance companies
6. Pipeline pig manufacturers

As providers of specialist solutions to the pipeline industry, many of our products are industry firsts and results of our own Research & Development. An important component of R & D activities is our focus on providing innovative and flexible solutions to clients underlined by our commitment to safety. We are world leaders in designing equipment that are fully compliant with the demanding ATEX safety standards and suitable to operate in hazardous environments such as that found on FPSOs, oil platforms, refineries and other locations where safety is always first priority.

OEL is a multi-award winning company. Amongst the awards and commendations we have proudly received is the PIG (Pipeline Industry Guild) Subsea Technical Award 2015 for our flagship technology MEG ARTS® and Export Achievement Award at the SPE (Society of Petroleum Engineers) Offshore Achievement Awards 2013.  The Queen’s Award for Enterprise, the most prestigious accolade for successful businesses in the UK, has been conferred on OEL twice, most recently in 2014, for our excellent track record in international trade. 


About Us